EOS = End Of Suffering

EOS = End Of Suffering

Written by Kenny

Dan Larimer’s master plan?…

Was Dan Larimer’s plan all along to end suffering on planet earth? Probably not but it sounds good! I’m not a utopian so please let me explain…

What I DO believe is that EOS could drastically reduce the amount of suffering on this planet.

How is EOS going to reduce suffering?

The EOS blockchain is built upon a system based on incentives and core principles/values. It incentives good behaviour and encourages the bad to change their ways. The more I learn about EOS and start to understand it on a deeper level the more I begin to see the enormous power and potential it possesses.

Our financial system is broken

Our financial system is basically a ponzi scheme. We can only print and lend our way out of trouble for so long before this house of cards collapses. The society we have constructed rewards bad actors and punishes the good for the most part. Yes there is opportunity all around us and I totally understand and have gratitude for how lucky we are to live in a society in which we can trust (to an extent) each other. When you really analyse who we are as human beings and where we have come from it’s an absolute miracle that we can even walk down the street without expecting to be stabbed in the back. In saying that I think we can all agree it’s time to improve the system we have been living and prospering under for the past 100+ years. We’ve outgrown it.

Who needs EOS the most?

Most of you are probably reading this on an iPhone or laptop of some description, so life is pretty dam good for us. We’re lucky enough to live in a society were our basic needs are met and our currency is for the most part stable. But we can easily forget that more than 80% of the worlds population lives in the 3rd world. They live on less than $10/day and their currency can hyper-inflate at any time leaving them with nothing to show for their hard work and no way to support themselves and their families. If EOS can become what it is designed to be and these countries were to adopt it as a currency it would greatly reduce the amount of suffering in these countries. ESPECIALLY if Dan Larimer’s idea of a URI (Universal Resource Inheritance) can be implemented.

Blueprint for a Government

EOS is so much more than just a cryptocurrency. In my mind it is the perfect blueprint for future countries and governments to adopt.

Imagine a government were the taxes we pay were tangibly visible, no trillion dollar budgets vanishing, no dodgy backroom deals, no more incentives to act unethically.

Imagine a government which actually felt like they were part of the community and we as the community actually felt that they had our best interests at heart!

Imagine a government full of politicians who actually wanted to improve the system and not just cling to their power for 1 more year with no concern for the long term ramifications of their actions.

We already have an example on EOS of people from a 3rd world country coming together as a community and launching a block producer candidacy from Venezuela. I won’t say too much about the project as i’m not fully up to speed on it but it sounds like a good idea to me, check it out yourself through the link below…


Middle Men are Dead

Gary Vee said it best just a couple of months ago… “the blockchain will kill middlemen”.

If your up to speed on how the blockchain works you probably already realise this. Nothing sucks the value out of an economy and creates more suffering than middle men. Within our present day economy they are actually a necessary evil and justify some value as we do need someone to trust, but once blockchain finds its way into the fabric of tomorrow’s society the need for them will absolutely vanish. This is something I personally can not wait to see.

Karma Dapp

The best example at the moment of a dapp on EOS which can radically change and improve peoples lives is called Karma. Its founded by Dallas Rushing, a YouTuber whom I have been watching and listening to for quite some time now and I can say he comes across as an honest, well intentioned and caring individual. Again I won’t go into too much detail here as the Karma team do a really good job of communication the idea of the dapp on their website…



The final and definitely most important feature of EOS in relation to reducing suffering is the possibility of a URI (Universal Resource Inheritance) being implemented. Dan Larimer has just recently come up with the idea and coined the term.

This idea is an absolute game changer in my opinion. It solves the problem of inheriting wealth and that value then being tied up with individuals who don’t necessarily deserve it. It distributes FAIRLY the currency to all people of the world.

Seriously i’m going to pull myself up here again and just link you to his own articles about it, I will simply butcher such a complex subject I probably already have. Theres also a YouTube video by EOS Apologist on URI (one of my favourite channels and one you should defiantly check out and subscribe to) and the offical telegram channel. All these information sources go into great detail on the subject. Its a controversial, complex and exciting topic to dive into and I highly recommend you do so! Dan Larimer has said his writing a book on the subject.




Please remember that this article is not investment advice and I don’t advise anyone to make any investment decisions before they have researched and understand exactly what they are investing into.

If you enjoyed this article and feel I have contributed something of value please share it around! Maybe even consider donating some EOS.

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