The PixEOS Platform is Much More Than A Game

The PixEOS Platform is Much More Than A Game

The game was already in our roadmap independently of the sale, but with the adoption our project gained throughout the last weeks, we have decided to implement features that wouldn’t be in our previous plans for the game like the personal pixEOS canvas designer tool, different skins to suit artists and gamers among other features. The pixEOS platform goes way further than a game.

PixEOS paint is a smart economy, profit-sharing game and also a designer tool for artists. Artists can paint on the personal canvas area without interfering with the main canvas.

PixEOS is developing its non-fungible tokens standard to back each and every copyrighted art that is drawn or submitted to the platform.

The pixEOS Art House will start as a fun way to support artists and upon its completion, will have a real blockchain rarity backed by pixEOS NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The pixEOS Art House is where you go to commission creative media and visual art for your project or as a collectible. In the EOS community, we already had several works commissioned from our artists even before the platform is live.

We have already designed branded stickers, GIFs, animations, logos and physical artwork for other community members, companies and BPs (EOS Block Producers).

Have a look at some of our customized designs:


So far, we’ve already had several creative contests and awarded over 20,000 pixEOS tokens to the winners. In our first contest, we had a GIF war, which just involved sharing GIF’s in our Telegram channel. Our second contest was a Telegram sticker contest which involved creating custom stickers for Telegram. Even though our community is very young, these two contests saw very good turnout, and generated a lot of interest as well.

The front-end, web and game design featured artists and devs will allow back-end teams to get the visuals for their Game, Dapp or Website created by the best crypto artists.


The pixEOS logos, stickers, GIFs, banners and website were created with the collaboration of our community artists.

PixEOS plans go further than all this, with a print on-demand crypto shop in the works, to get your crypto artists merchandise printed, be it a tennis shoe with @stellabelle Sakura printed on it or a pillow with @juliakponsford awesome Alien art or a @yusaymon limited edition museum quality print.

PixEOS is all about community and you can feel that in our Telegram group. There’s no bear market here, it can withstand the heat, we were called the Burning Man of EOS once and we are sure it won’t be the last.

PixEOS is already planning initiatives to bring awareness of crypto art to schools, universities and institutions.

PixEOS aims to do charity sponsoring art initiatives for impoverished countries and communities. Teaming up with our first class Strategic Partners and supporters, we have the artistic strength to deliver awesome and valuable help to those who need it.

pixEOS 3D, pixEOS planet, pixEOS Marathon and many other games are already conceptualized. As we proudly stated in our white paper, pixEOS is a scalable smart economy on the EOS blockchain.

Official pixEOS links:





To take part in our presale, go to our website as that is where it will happen with smart contracts. See the countdown there:

EOS = End Of Suffering

EOS = End Of Suffering

Fred Nogueira - PixEOS - Interview

Fred Nogueira - PixEOS - Interview