Blackjack by DICE is LIVE!

Blackjack by DICE is LIVE!

Written by DICE team

We have launched Blackjack (beta)!

As previously announced, based on recommendations we received and on the current state of the network, we are using a deposit/withdrawal method for Blackjack. To be able to play, you will need to “recharge” (deposit) an amount of your choosing.

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While in beta, there are several restrictions in place, while we confirm there are no issues in a live environment:

  • Withdrawal takes 24 hours in beta. Withdrawals will be executed at the same speed as all other transactions on the EOS network once beta is complete.

  • Payment for bonuses is delayed. We have a record of all transactions and will ensure all are paid (DICE, VIP, etc). Referral is currently not in place, but will be added in soon.

  • Split to payout pool is delayed. As with bonuses, we have a record of all transactions and will ensure the appropriate amount of profit is sent to the payout pool. This will happen at the same time that DICE and VIP bonuses are sent.

  • Max Wager is limited to 10 EOS. This will be increased once beta is complete.

  • Blackjack will temporarily pay 6:5 starting 16:00-UTC 26-December. 
    Due to the incredibly low house edge of Blackjack with when paying 3:2, we will be making this change TEMPORARILY while we work to implement new DICE mining rules for Blackjack.

There are several reasons why this launch has been more difficult:
1. We are using a new game engine to allow us to make the games more interactive and provide better animation.
2. We added the new balance system to allow us users to play without consuming a lot of CPU.
3. New signing techniques allows us the game can be smoother and eliminates the need to wait so long, but retains the benefits of fairness and the advantage of blockchain.
4. New platform design to allow easy integration of third party games in the future. The blackjack is built on the platform like third party games. The platform and the game are communicating through APIs.

Please continue to alert us of any issues you discover while testing Blackjack. We are still working on implementing some final touches, but wanted to ensure you had the opportunity to play on Christmas!

For those not familiar with the standard rules of Blackjack, please take a moment to review the rules at the bottom of this article before playing!

A few updates (16:00-UTC 26-December)

Christmas Wager Contest Revised:

  1. Revised from total wager to total points
    Points are given based on the house edge for each wager. 
    For example, for a 1 EOS wager, playing dice will get 1.5 points. Playing baccarat will get 1.24 score from “player” and 1.06 from “banker”. Playing blackjack will get 0.6 score. Playing Sicbo can will 2.78 from big and small.

  2. Half of the pot is awarded to the top players, with 50% going to first, 25% to second, halving for each rank until all is paid.

  3. Half of the pot is paid out to the top 100 players according to the ratio of their score to the total score.

VIP Bonus Method Revised:

As previously announced, we are transitioning VIP bonus from a fixed percent of all wagers to a percent of house edge to allow for equal benefit in all games regardless of the house edge. This completes our transition of all rewards programs to be based on house edge. With this change, we are also increasing the maximum VIP level to 12!

Below are the revised VIP bonus rebates:
VIP 1: 1%
VIP 2: 2%

VIP 10: 10%
VIP 11: 11%
VIP 12: 12%

Example (VIP 1)-
Previously: 0.01% of all wagers; 1 EOS wager in any game = 0.0001 VIP Bonus
Now: 1% of house edge; 1 EOS wager in DICE = 0.00015 VIP Bonus (1.5% house edge), 1 EOS wager on Banker in Baccarat = 0.000106 VIP Bonus (1.06% house edge), etc.

Blackjack Rules:

The objective of Blackjack is to beat the dealer. In order to win, the player must first not “Bust” (go over 21 points), and second, must either have more points than the dealer or have the dealer “Bust”.

The value of the hand is based on the sum of the cards. Aces may be counted as 1 or 11; 2–9 are based on face-value, and 10,J,Q,K are all worth 10.

“Blackjack” is the highest hand, consisting of an ace and any face card, and outranks all other 21-point hands.

After bets are placed, the dealer and player will both be dealt 2 cards. One of the dealer’s cards will be dealt face down (called the “hole card”).

If the dealers face up card is an Ace, then a side-bet called “insurance” is offered. Insurance pays 2 to 1 if the dealer has a blackjack (if the hole card is a 10-point card). The insurance wager is half of the original bet.

After insurance bets are placed/declined (if an Ace was showing), the dealer will check his cards to see if he has a blackjack. If he does, he will immediately turn it over. The player will lose, unless they also have a blackjack.

Assuming the dealer does not have a blackjack, play will begin at this time. The following options are available to the player:

  • Stand: Player stands pat with his cards.

  • Hit: Player draws another card (this can be done as many times as desired). If this card causes the player’s total points to exceed 21 (known as “breaking” or “busting”) then he loses.

  • Double: Player doubles his bet and gets one, and only one, more card.

  • Split: If the player has a pair, or any two 10-point cards, then he may double his bet and separate his cards into two individual hands. The dealer will automatically give each card a second card. Then, the player may hit, stand, or double normally. However, when splitting aces, each ace gets only one card. If the player gets a ten and ace after splitting, then it counts as 21 points, not a blackjack.

After the player has completed his turn, the dealer will reveal his hole card. If the dealer has 16 or less, he will draw another card.

If the dealer busts (goes over 21 points), then all players who have not already busted will win.

If the dealer does not bust, the highest point total between the player and dealer will win.

If you have any questions regarding how the game is played, please ask!

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