Profit-Sharing in PixEOS is Already Here

Profit-Sharing in PixEOS is Already Here

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Written by Stellabelle

In the pixEOS community, the profit-sharing economy has already started. Many people are waiting for our first Paint dApp to come out so they can start earning and staking their pixEOS tokens, but there are many ways to earn pixEOS tokens right now.



Token Pocket is one of our partners and has airdropped a significant amount of pixEOS tokens to Token Pocket wallets over the past day. Many people have asked when they will airdrop more, but the reality is that we don’t know the precise times they airdrop. Cypherglass has written good instructions for the Token Pocket airdrop:


It’s a random airdrop, and people have to stay vigilant and watch the Candy Box in their wallet. This random style airdrop helps curb bot abuse, that is why they do it like this. Not all wallets will receive the airdrop, they randomly select them, and if you already received pixEOS tokens through Token Pocket once, you can’t receive them again. Congratulations to those who have already received the pixEOS airdrops.

Typo Bounties


I’m sure your familiar with the concept of Bug Bounties, but did you know that pixEOS gives Typo Bounties? We do! In our Telegram pixEOS channel, a few days ago, someone came in and told us that we had a typo in our white paper. We had printed January 2018 instead of January 2019 as the release date for our first dApp. This person was then awarded some pixEOS tokens as a reward for finding a mistake. Thank you!

Art Contests



Art contests are the foundation of the pixEOS community and in the very beginning it was Yusaymon who won 20 EOS for creating the cover art for our white paper. Since then, we have had many other art contests, like the Telegram Sticker contest and GiF war. In each contest, three people won a significant amount of pixEOS tokens. Stay tuned to our channels because we are working on an even bigger art contest with very large amounts of EOS for the prizes. We will continue to have smaller community-oriented art contests, too, so stay tuned! The best place to find out about these contests is our main Telegram channel, so check out the pinned message:

Telegram pixEOS Rain

giphy (1).gif

In our main Telegram channel, we award pixEOS tokens to the hundredth members who join us. So for example, when someone became the 100th member, they won 100 pixEOS tokens, and when someone became the 200th member, they won 200 pixEOS tokens. We have been doing this since day one, and the next lucky member will have to be the 600th member in order to win 600 pixEOS tokens. But don’t try to cheat us by leaving and re-entering, we have ways to to detect cheaters.

A week or so ago there was a guy named John who won some pixEOS in this way, and after he was told he won, he replied, “I’ve never won anything in my entire life.” That was a moment to remember.

Your Idea Here


pixEOS is one of the most community-driven EOS projects in existence. What are some of your ideas for a profit-sharing economy in pixEOS? Do you have a good art contest in mind? We would like to hear your ideas, so reach out to any of us on Telegram and let us know. We are a very organic and rapidly evolving team and when good ideas emerge, we do them, no matter where they come from.

About The pixEOS Team

We understand incentives and how to engage people in social and creative activities. Our team has over 20 years experience doing just that and we observed over the past year what to do, and more importantly, what not to do in the crypto space. Our core team is very experienced and we understand how to bring people together. We have a vision for EOS and the foundation lies in unifying the entire EOS community through fun, profitable and engaging activities.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” —Pablo Picasso

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