What’s the EOS Privacy (Shower Coin) That Dan Larimer is Discussing?

What’s the EOS Privacy (Shower Coin) That Dan Larimer is Discussing?

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Written by Stellabelle

It appears that the EOS Privacy Telegram channel has made some media waves and ended up in Cointelegraph recently.

As you read through the Cointelegraph article you’ll quickly realize that it’s based on very superficial information. As someone who was in the original ‘shower coin’ Telegram channel and followed it closely for several days, it’s apparent that the writer of the Cointelegraph article doesn’t really understand what’s going on in there.

So, how did the ‘shower coin’ Telegram channel come into being, anyway?

Naming went from “Monereos (shower coin) to PTSD (Privacy Token Shower Discussion) to EOS Privacy

Naming went from “Monereos (shower coin) to PTSD (Privacy Token Shower Discussion) to EOS Privacy

The ‘shower coin’ Telegram channel emerged in roughly the same way when ideas suddenly hit you out of nowhere while you’re taking a shower. Dan Larimer didn’t name it, Tim, of GenerEOS did. Dan later requested that the name of the group be changed to EOS Privacy.

I asked Tim Weston of GenerEOS, the origin story of the ‘Monereos shower coin’ Telegram channel and here’s his answer:

“I was reading the messages that Dan was having in the main EOS group last night and saw that @nsrempel said “Monereos” to him and he laughed. Then I was speaking to Richie in this group and thought we should create a group about it, so I did.”

There’s also a lot of FUD being slung around in various groups, as people are beginning to wildly speculate about Dan Larimer’s future plans and intentions with this privacy coin concept and his future role with Block One.

Let’s just get that FUD out of the way right now. Many people entering the channel asked Dan over and over, “Are you leaving EOS?” He answered it many times, here it is:


No, Dan is not leaving EOS.

The EOS Privacy Telegram channel is a place where new ideas are being explored, as a thought experiment at this stage, that much is clear to anyone who has been in there a while.

Dan Larimer has a habit of thinking creatively, openly and transparently in a group setting, among peers, as a way to bounce ideas off others, learn new things, share insights and have fun. In his own words, Telegram chat rooms are similar to “global water coolers.” Dan frequently answers questions in Telegram and he recently stated that there are currently 100 developers working on B1 products.

In following the theoretical privacy coin talk for several days, it’s clear that Dan Larimer enjoys bouncing brand-new concepts around the EOS Telegram channels. It turned into a bit of a cat and mouse game with Dan giving away hints, and people trying to guess what this new privacy coin concept is all about. This new concept might actually turn into something real, or it might not. It’s anyone’s guess at this stage, and it does appear to be at the very beginning stage of a brand-new idea. But no one really knows if it’s just a theoretical concept or something else.

In trying to decipher what this new privacy coin idea is, here are some hints from Dan himself for you to think about:


More than anything the Privacy Coin channel is a place where new ideas are being tossed around. Speculating about Dan’s future intentions based on the theoretical ideas in this channel is probably a big waste of time. As of now, there are 1002 members in this Telegram channel: https://t.me/monereos

Basically it comes down to this: wherever Dan ends up talking, people follow. In order to follow Dan’s messages in Telegram, consider using this bot, which has been set up to give you real-time updates on his whereabouts in Telegram: https://t.me/daneos


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