theEOSwriter + pixEOS

theEOSwriter + pixEOS

This is our old website.

Please visit the fresh new one -

We have left this site up for historical purposes.


Today is a great day as we announce our first major partnership!

theEOSwriter and pixEOS have agreed on a deal which will span an entire year…

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Why pixEOS?

Writers are actually artists. So there’s that… But most importantly pixEOS has been supporting us from the very start, they believed in what we were trying to do from the beginning and we’ve formed a great relationship over this time. We are both working within the EOS ecosystem for the right reasons, we are extremely passionate about EOS and we want to see EOS succeed and reach main stream adoption. So it makes sense that we would form a partnership to help each other and the community move closer to our shared goal.

We want to grow the EOS ecosystem together with the community and help EOS reach main stream adoption.

So what are pixEOS contributing?

1 million pixEOS tokens to reward content creators on our site. They are literally saints in our book!


How does it work?

If you’re a writer and have an article you think is worthy of being published on theEOSwriter you can submit the article for our consideration by emailing it in a google doc, word or pages format to

If your article is successful it will be published on theEOSwriter and you’ll receive your pixEOS tokens. (you must have an EOS account) You’ll also be eligible for the annual jackpot, monthly prizes as well as any other future contest rewards.


  • A total of 1 million pixEOS will be allocated to the rewards pool for the year 2019.

  • If your article makes it to the main site you’ll be rewarded with 2,000 pixEOS tokens.

  • Each month we’ll reward the top 3 most viewed articles with

    5,000 pixEOS 1st place

    3,000 pixEOS 2nd place

    2,000 pixEOS 3rd place

  • At the end of 2019 a jackpot of 100,000 pixEOS will be rewarded to the most viewed article of the year.

  • This also leaves the considerable amount of 485,000 pixEOS tokens for yet to be announced contests/rewards.

  • Myself and Stellabelle (pixEOS writer) will not be eligible for the rewards

Ladies and gentlemen start your word processors!

Ladies and gentlemen start your word processors!

Sharing is caring

  • If your article makes it onto the site we encourage you to share your article around to increase your chances of winning the monthly or possibly yearly jackpot! Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit are your friends.


Once we have reviewed your article we will let you know if it was successful or not, if it’s not we’ll give you a brief explanation why it did not make the cut.

How do we select the articles?

A number of criteria are considered when reviewing articles.

  • The subject matter - Are we passionate about the project or subject matter, is the subject matter adding value to the EOS ecosystem.

  • Timing - Does the information need to be heard, is it relevant to the current climate within the EOS/Crypto community.

  • Creativity - Do we fall asleep reading your article or are we energised from it! (images & gifs help)

  • Originality - Are you delivering new information or conveying it in a new and interesting way.

To give yourself a better chance of success it’s best to contact us over telegram to ask if the subject matter you are considering to write about fits what we are looking for -

Please don’t become disheartened if your article doesn’t make the cut. Remember Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.

That last sentence was basically an excuse to post a cool photo of MJ!

That last sentence was basically an excuse to post a cool photo of MJ!

Thank you!

We would like to thank the entire EOS community for supporting our site since the beginning and a huge thanks to all the BP’s and EOS projects listed on the bottom of this site, they have all stepped up and helped us in some meaningful way when they were certainly not obligated to do so. All the community members (mostly on telegram) have made us feel extremely welcomed and it’s this community spirt which keeps us highly motivated to continue to push ourselves, work harder to deliver a better product for us all to enjoy and look back upon in years to come! Imagine what scrolling through this site in a few years will be like, we are literally creating history here!

Go EOS!!!

Wondering what exactly pixEOS is? Check out the video below made by Rob Finch from Cypherglass + links

Official pixEOS Links

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pixEOS Korean group:
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