EOS Dividends - Tokens That Pay You In Your Sleep

EOS Dividends - Tokens That Pay You In Your Sleep

Written by Kurt Braget

Disclaimer - This is for informational purposes, not meant as investment advice. The creators of these posts are testing out staking and dividend models and want to provide education and BI(businessintelligence). Always do your own research and know at any time an investment could lose all of your money and leave you close to death and begging on the streets just to get a sandwich. 

We are launching EOS Dividends today and are super excited.  Please visit our alpha site and let us know what you think https://t.me/eosdividend


It is not clear which tokens, sites, or game are paying out dividends. It is also not clear how much they are paying out, and it’s not easy how to figure it out. 

People who are already HODLing, buying, or trading probably don’t knowthat their crypto can be used to make a residual income through dividends.  

Wallets don’t show dividends earned, or potential earnings in the future. They surely don’t show how much you can earn today or even by the hour.  

There aren’t many materials online showing people how to stake and earn dividends in a simple way.


We are on the way to solving ALL of the above problems… here is how: 

EOS Dividends is showing you a window into which tokens give out dividends, how much, where, etc. 

We are providing a safe place for people to chat about these tokens, how to use them, how to get them, how to stake and unstake. No question is a dumb question, this stuff is not easy to understand, even for hipster crypto bros. 

We are offering an API for all exchanges, wallets and apps that believe they can provide more value by integrating dividend information. 

How Staking / Unstaking Works - Primer

At a high level, we’d like to explain how token staking and unstaking dividend models work. 

  • A site like BetDice makes an addictive game

  • Every time somebody makes a bet(inEOS), they earn another token(DICE).Some people are referring to this as“gameplaymining”

  • A user can also buy DICE directly from a secondary market or exchange like NewDex or WhaleEx

  • Once the user has the DICE token, they can visit a section on the site(usually“rewards”,“payouts”or“dividends”)that allows them to stake and unstake

  • The user uses their wallet(likeScatter or Lynx) to“stake”their tokens to the site. This will lock the tokens until the user“unstakes”them

  • The period of time that the user has these tokens staked they will also enjoy dividends of the revenues generated by that game(inthis case, revenues earns on bets on the BetDice platform)

  • (Usually) you will have to return to the staking and dividend section of these sites to then“Claim”your dividends.

  • The dividends should show transparently in your wallet, and if they don’t you can always use a block explorer like bloks.io to see the action in the blockchain(thisis why we have blockchains, people!)

Why The Staking and Unstaking Model is Exciting

These are my opinions, please take them as such.

The staking and dividend model could greatly increase retention

Staking has been hitting 80 or 90% total circulating supply, ensuring more HODL action.

This means that when people either earn these tokens or buy them, 80%+ of those people are staking them for some cause, generally to enjoy dividends.

Users who stake(myguess) are more likely to come back and actually use a service.

Users who stake and make dividends are more likely to tell friends.

Some people don’t want to play the games or participate in the core functionality of the site but are smart enough to know others will so they now have a voice and a channel of participation outside of blind token buying.

Staking / Dividends is the best of all crypto worlds

  • you can buy and hold

  • you never have to give the crypto away(myprecious)

  • you can use the crypto

  • you can make money outside of speculation since speculation didn’t work out too well for some people  

Gambling is the Innovator

Usually it’s porn or gambling that propels growth and innovation.  It seems like porn isn’t doing a whole lot here, but maybe they will take queues from gambling and build a subscriber profit sharing model. Stay tuned. 

My guess is this model trickles up the pyramid to skill based games, then all the way up to MMORPGs, then could really take off on more traditional website models like social media

It’s not hard to imagine owning a token for a mom and pop shop that pays dividends. Nobody would have thought mom and pop shops would have their own website or Yelp profiles before the internet. Same goes for tokens / staking models.

Note: online gambling is illegal in many places of the world and we strongly advise that you check with your local governments to keep yourself safe. 

Utility Tokens 2.0

Utility tokens have grown a bad reputation, mostly because of how many people lost out in the Ethereum explosion of shit coins and vapid projects with no substance behind them. 

Word on the street is that utility tokens are dead. Most of them probably DID die or are on life support or in a coma for a year now. 

If the staking / incentive / rewards model works out, they would have all been wrong.

We might not call them utility tokens in the future, but that’s what they are. These kind of tokens


Our data is so useful to people, traders, gamers, etc, that we want to offer it out to other people who want to use it creatively. 

Sites will be able to programmatically access data about dividends through EOS Dividends API(comingsoon).

This data could be integrated into any exchange in the world. No exchanges in the world have this function, and it is probably as important if not more importantthan the price.

Isn’t it important to know on an exchange what kind of dividends you could receive and the data behind that?

If you’d like access to our API, feel free to reach out to us on Telegram. 

EOS Dividends - Telegram

Our telegram group is the best place to get up and running and to join people sharing tips about this emerging trend. 

Some things you can expect from this Telegram group.

  • Daily updates on our data and dividend opportunity landscape

  • Chat about dividends

  • A healthy, positive environment

  • Welcoming of skeptics and hard questions

  • Updates on related projects 

What you won’t expect

  • Investment advice

  • Shills, bots or other spam

  • People direct messaging you about offers or promotions(they will be banned)


We are hoping to partner with great dApps that are integrating tokens into their ecosystem that have nice rewards for their users. If you are interested in partnering or going live in our site, please reach out to use through our Telegram channel and we will respond pretty quickly to review your project.

Website - https://www.eosdividends.com



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