WORBLI + Gold Mine

WORBLI + Gold Mine

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Introducing TokenORO | Powered by WORBLI

We are very excited to announce our first application launching on the WORBLI blockchain! #poweredbyWORBLI

TokenORO is a global gold mining business operated by a highly experienced team of business, commodity and mining professionals.

For companies like TokenOro, WORBLI powers the ability to expand the liquidity base enabling a more cost-effective and wide-reaching distribution capability.

For WORBLI users, TokenOro will allow fractional ownership of assets typically only accessible to specific groups and begins the long-awaited disintermediation of traditional financial oligopolies. (Yahoo finance)

“WORBLI is dedicated to empowering businesses and users. TokenOro is one of many innovative blockchain projects WORBLI is working with to bring new opportunities to everyone,” Domenic Thomas, CEO of WORBLI

How does TokenORO work?

  • It’s a token with a solid floor and a flexible ceiling.

  • When you purchase a TokenOro token, 50% will go to purchase, gold bullion, gold bullion certificates and/or cash that will be placed in a secure, insured gold vault and 50% will go into mining production.

  • The company has multiple global mining projects. Currently, they are located in Montana, Nevada, and Africa. Each mine has gone through extensive geological surveys, costing millions of dollars. Based on geological surveys and NI43–101 reports. The company is targeting deposits that will collectively produce more than 10,000,000 ounces of gold.

Why TokenORO has chosen WORBLI


We look forward to working alongside TokenORO to bring revolutionary financial service opportunities to everyone worldwide!

This announcement has been featured in

Yahoo Finance

Markets Insider

EOS Echo

Global Energy Media

Hedge Accordingly


Irish Tech News

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