ZOS - An Electronic Discount Token System

ZOS - An Electronic Discount Token System

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Written by AirDropsDAC Team

ZOS is an electronic discount token system for AirDropsDAC services.  ZOS provides a 50% discount on AirdropsDAC services in 2019, a discount of 25% in 2020 and a 13% discount in perpetuity

ZOS can be thought of as a discount card for AirDropsDAC services. We offer Airdrops as a Service, which means we take care of everything related to airdrops including RAM and CPU. We design smart contracts as well as tokens with unique characteristics and airdrop them on EOS account holders. We have developed specialized tools and services around airdrops including marketing campaigns and innovative ways of extended engagement with EOS community. ZOS can be used for payment of all services offered by AirDropsDAC. 

Discounts offered by using ZOS to pay for AirDropsDAC services:

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 8.29.00 pm.png

AirDropsDAC will be airdropping 300 Million ZOS tokens over 12 months, from January 2019 to the 31st of December 2019. 

ZOS will be dropped to every valid account on the EOS blockchain, regardless of their EOS holdings.  The ZOS in your account must be claimed for you to keep it

The ZOS token is airdropped using an “Invitation To Claim” model.

The invitation to claim model sets up a period of time when the invitation to an airdrop is available to be “claimed”. This model is best for users because it allows them to decide which airdrops they want to participate in. If the tokens are not claimed within the airdrop period, then the tokens will be reclaimed. 

This model uses claimable.token contract and was developed by AirDropsDAC to recover and reuse RAM.

We have made the contract open-source and the code is available here:


AirDropsDAC is the second largest holder of RAM on the EOS mainnet and we developed claimable.token contract out of necessity. Until now, the RAM that is used in a airdrop is not recovered on a consistent basis and is considered as a sunk cost. Our innovative tool makes recovery of RAM used in the airdrop consistent and predictable. In other words, with our innovation, we have made the RAM reusable. 

Claiming a token just means interacting with the token contract in any way. Any interaction with the token contract transfers the ownership of the token to the user and returns the RAM of the issuer. 

You can claim ZOS through ZOS portal, or by sending 1 ZOS to the account zosresponses or by transferring 1 ZOS from one account to another account.

We have made claiming your tokens fun and rewarding!

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 8.39.06 am.png

Claim ZOS and enter to win 100,000 ZOS!!! + 10 EOS

  1. Send 1 ZOS to the account zosresponses.  In the memo field, write a catchy slogan

    a.Example: AirDropsDAC - Push Button Airdrop 

    b.If we select your entry, you win 100,000 ZOS + 10 EOS!!!

  2. Claim ZOS through the AirDropsDAC Portal - https://portal.airdropsdac.com/app/claim

  3. Send 1 ZOS to a second account that you have. If you don't have a second account, you can always send to the account - zosresponses.

All ZOS received as fees by AirDropsDAC will be burned through an innovative verifiable process up to a maximum of 50% of the total supply. More details about token distribution are in the ZOS whitepaper.  

Developers will also be able to buy ZOS from a smart contract holding 4 billion ZOS.  The contract will exchange EOS to ZOS in multiples of 1,000.  1,000 EOS can be exchanged for 1,666,666.6 ZOS from this contract, until the account is depleted.  This ensures that anyone who wants to get their discount on AirDropsDAC services will be able to easily access ZOS tokens when they need them!

To stay tuned with the updates and timeline of the airdrops, follow AirDropsDAC social media sites and our website where we will be posting the latest news!

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Telegram AirDropsDAC: https://t.me/airdropsdac

Twitter AirDropsDAC: https://twitter.com/airdropsdac

Facebook AirDropsDAC: https://www.facebook.com/airdropsdac/

Youtube AirDropsDAC Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/

Telegram ZKS: https://t.me/GoZKS

Zhihu ZKS: https://www.zhihu.com/people/zks-95-73/activities

BancorX EOS Network: https://eos.bancor.network/

BetDice Website: https://betdice.one/

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