Dice Announcements (4-Jan)

Dice Announcements (4-Jan)

Written by DICE team.

As we begin to venture into 2019, we would like to share some of the fun that will be coming over the next couple months!

This is going to be a very exciting year. We have some big plans in relation to expanding out user-base outside of EOS, actualizing our vision of becoming a decentralized gaming platform, and continuing to improve on everything that we do.

As always, we love you and are so grateful for all your support.

Without any further delay, here’s a bit of what you can expect over the next couple of months!

Roulette will be released on 11-Jan

We will be adding Roulette to our arsenal of games on 11-January! Roulette will only feature a single “zero” and will be a multiplayer game, like Baccarat and Sicbo.

As with all new games, we will first release Roulette in “beta” to ensure there are no issues in a live environment.


Account name bidding for .dice accounts on 31-Jan

We will begin auctioning off .dice accounts on 31-January! More details will be provided closer to the launch date.

Third-Party Games

We will start accepting third-party game listings on our platform in January! We will consider a wide variety of games. We encourage all developers to contact us if they are interested in becoming involved in our platform.

All third-party games added to the platform will still use DICE as the mechanism for profit payouts.

Mobile Wallet

We are creating our own mobile wallet app! We will be designing the front-end, including how the wallet interacts with our games while partnering with an experienced wallet-provider for the wallet functionality. This will allow us to provide a better mobile experience, while utilizing the experience, security, and trust of a knowledgeable partner. We also felt it beneficial to ensure there was no concern about us having access to anyone’s private keys.

Texas Hold-Em Poker scheduled for February

We are currently on schedule to release a fully-functional PVP Texas Hold-Em by the end of February!



Coming soon!


Chatroom Updates

To create a better Chatroom environment, only users who have achieved VIP1 and above can use the Chatroom functionality.


Chat with us on Telegram! https://t.me/dice1_en
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