DICE - Roulette - DApp Review

DICE - Roulette - DApp Review

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DICE - Roulette


Released 11th January, 2019

Review by Kenny - theEOSwriter

Roulette is the latest offering from the DICE team and once again they have hit the ball out of the park with another extremely impressive game. With a 3D rendered Roulette table it’s about as close as you’ll get to the feel of a real casino in an online gambling alternative, let alone one running on EOS.

Learn more about the history and how to play Roulette on Everipedia here.

To use this DApp you’ll need to have an EOS account and Scatter installed. You can learn more about EOS accounts here and Scatter here.


Above is the basic interface, add funds to your Purse from the button on the left, 40 seconds to place your bets (more than enough) and table max % is also displayed. Chips range from 0.1 EOS all the way up to 5000 EOS! I would literally have a heart attack watching that ball spin around on a 5,000 EOS bet!

Below is a short video of the gameplay… the thing I’m most impressed with is the way the ball seems to just trickle into the slot, it really looks like it could drop either way until the last second, it keeps you guessing and this heightens the excitement of the game. As you can see it cost me 1 EOS to make this video so I hope you enjoy it!! I think I’ll stick to the dividends from now on.

The Good

I love the overall UI & UX, you can tell the DICE team have years of experience in developing these types of games as theres a sense of professionalism which carries through all their work. The 3D rendering is A+ quality, everything seems to work well, nice and smooth.

The Bad

The only thing I could fault is the scrolling is not intuitive as the track pad does not seem to work once the screen is set on the game. There is however up and down arrows on the left of screen to get you back to a part of the screen from which scrolling works. I’m sure the team will fix this up as soon as they get a chance.. I know they are flat out working on 3rd party games, .dice name bidding system, mobile wallet, Meet.one side chain integration and PvP Texas Hold’em Poker so no complaining here!!!


DApp Score:

  • User Interface: 9

  • User Experience: 9

  • Token Economics: 8

  • Team: 8

  • Community: 8

Total: 42/50

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