Fred Nogueira - PixEOS - Interview

Fred Nogueira - PixEOS - Interview

Fred Nogueira - PixEOS

19th of December, 2018

Interviewed by Kenny - theEOSwriter 

Whats your background/story?

I run my event management business for 10 years already and am addicted to blockchain and crypto, passionate about brand activation and creative marketing. Have studied Genetics (never practiced) and graphic design. I’m a musician, retro gamer and traveller. All things EOS since the summer of 2017.  

How long have you been into crypto?

Roughly 2 years. 

What is pixEOS?

pixEOS is an Art Gamification Platform on the EOS Blockchain with the goal to offer tools and spaces for artists to monetize their work in crypto and launch awesome games to impulse the economy.

Who is behind pixEOS

Me and CTO Jorge Alcario, a problem solver and polyvalent coder with 20+ years’ experience that is killing on EOS smart contracts programming. There’s so much that can be done and improved…

Since we launched our team has grown to 11 people in less than a month. Team was composed by talented and committed community members that embraced the project and are contributing awesomely to the cause.  Featured Artists, Developers, Designers, Web Designers, Community Managers, Translators… We managed to have a highly efficient team in a month time.

They are: Candy, @fabiyamada, Gama, @juliakponsford, @MattyWright, @stellabelle, @justnow09, @stankonceptt, @Yusaymon, @jorgealcario, @FredNogueira, representing China, Mexico, Canada, Australia, USA, Nigeria, Venezuela, Portugal, Brazil and Italy

What are you trying to achieve with pixEOS?

A long-term smart economy that soothes the lack of platforms that really foment and incentive the Creative Media and Visual Arts on crypto.  

Why did you create PIXEOS

We’ve been working in crypto for quite a while now and EOS Dapp ecosystem offers the possibility for projects to create amazing projects. Observing some of these projects inspired us to put it all together in a platform that would be fun, useful and could give back. pixEOS will support and financially back art initiatives in schools and less favoured crowds. Our strong partnerships will allow us to fly higher and incentive more projects. 

Where do you see pixEOS in 5 years?

On the mooooooooooon. Sorry... I see pixEOS as the leading blockchain based creative media and visual arts platform in crypto. 

Why should anyone care what’s going on with EOS?

Free and fast transactions for live. Awesome Dapps and above all an outstanding and united community. pixEOS wouldn’t thrive in other platform, it’s a project from the community and for the community. 

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My family and the incredible pixEOS community is what keeps me energized and motivated. A good espresso doppio helps too to stay up too.

What will the world look like in 10 years? 100 years? 1000 years?

Dude for sure I hope fiat is gone in 10 years and pixEOS gets to Mars, in a hundred the earth will start to square up and in a thousand the earth will be squared and pixelated. 

Why does the universe exist?

The universe exists for us to exist on it and be kind, give back and understand we are all different coloured and beautiful people.  

I’m a believer, I believe in fate, I believe in chances and over all I believe in God. 

Everyone should believe in something that drives their dreams and make them stronger in harsher times. 

Faith and resilience can take you to places you never imagined. 

pixEOS is currently running a pre-sale token launch! We suggest you check it out!

The PixEOS Platform is Much More Than A Game

The PixEOS Platform is Much More Than A Game

Voting Valued: An Income Producing EOS Voter Proxy

Voting Valued: An Income Producing EOS Voter Proxy