WORBLI | We make it easy for YOU!

WORBLI | We make it easy for YOU!

An open-ledger platform ecosystem designed to facilitate fast, efficient, effective and compliant business solutions for enterprise level applications.

With all the excitement and potential that WORBLI has to offer our business development team is receiving an influx of creative and useful applications with vast amounts of potential. If you have a project in development or even just a concept, take a look below for our guide to processing potential projects and a short list of some applications that are currently in development on WORBLI.

So How Does One Get an App Built on WORBLI?

All applications go through our Business Development gateway and a corporate AML-KYC process. This ensures that the network is secure and safe for WORBLI users. In addition, since the chain is a “permissioned” chain that safety and security adds to a rock-solid foundation that extends beyond the users to the entire ecosystem.

The Business Development gateway is pretty straightforward. In order to get an App idea on our radar, a Developer or Company representative goes through the following process…

  1. Send us an email and fill out a quick questionnaire. (sean@worbli.io)

  2. Assessment calls. How far along are you? Do you need access to the test-net?

  3. Evaluation & Cultivation: This is about ideation & specification. If a business or organization hasn’t figured out all the specifics for their application or product, WORBLI offers services that can help unpack that process for them. We evaluate what the business has for assets and where they want to go and then together, we look at the steps needed to help you grow your idea into a reality. Some businesses might need UX/UI, Design (back end and front end), smart contract help, marketing etc. Is the end goal a charity application, a new game, an investment tool? We help them understand what is needed to make it a reality.

  4. Proposal process

  5. Corporate AML-KYC for the business

Once the Proposal is signed…

  1. We move onto the “build” if the App is not done. IF on the other hand, the App is already built, we go to the next phase.

  2. Implementation, Audit, Review: When your application is ready, we test on-chain to make sure it is secure and can do what you want it to do.

  3. Full Launch

There is also Marketing: This can happen along the entire process of a build. Having the right words and images is a vital part of making sure an application reaches the right people. If needed we help a business get their idea in front of as many people as possible.

Making Life Better

Everything WORBLI does is intended to make life better. To accomplish this, several WORBLI Block Producers will be rolling out applications in the first two quarters of 2019 that make life better for everyone. Some of these applications are for individuals, some are for businesses and some are built with blockchain developers in mind.


  • An Accredited Investor Screening tool.

  • UtilityX — Similar to an exchange but with a focus on Utility tokens only.

  • A Reference App that creates a streamlined path for businesses to check the background and history of a potential applicant.

Individuals or Businesses:

  • A Crypto-FIAT Gateway

  • Tokenized precious metals

  • FIAT Exchange

  • E-music crowdfunding platform

  • Gig Economy

  • Remittance App (2 of them)

  • An iPhone based wallet that utilizes biometrics


  • Application Design

  • Smart Contracts Development

  • Security Audits for Applications and Smart contracts

  • Infrastructure Development & Deployment

  • Tokenomics, Compliance & Governance Modelling

In addition, we are working with several other companies who have brought some amazing ideas to launch on Worbli. These applications have tentative launch dates in 2019.

  • Launching in late Q1 is TokenOro, a Gold asset-backed security token. TokenOro has the potential to massively disrupt an industry in a very positive way. Because of the compliance process, this token creates a streamlined path into the precious metals industry that has not seen before.

  • Another asset-backed security token tied to an industry that has never had a coin or token utilized in the manner is being developed.

  • A remittance app that will also eventually include a suite of products aimed at banking the 1.7 billion unbanked people in the world and providing tools for humanitarian organizations.

  • An app that offers a set of accounting solutions that can convert blockchain ledger data into accounting ledger data and will also include automated bookkeeping.

  • A fractionalized retail offering that also provides products and services to a specific group of high need individuals with every purchase.

  • We have several other applications in the works that we are unable to discuss because our mutual NDAs prohibit any discussion until marketing is ready to launch.

WORBLI is excited to have so many promising applications in development but we don’t want to stop here. Please contact us with your proposed idea. (sean@worbli.io)


WORBLI is built on EOSIO technology for enterprises and individuals to unlock the potential of blockchain technology, WORBLI is an ecosystem where everybody can benefit from a network that is compliant with industry standards and financial regulatory requirements. This allows developers and enterprises to easily build their own financial applications on WORBLI benefitting from fast and low-cost transactions, integrated AML/KYC compliance, and secure protocols for recovering accounts.

To learn more about WORBLI and to set up an account, visit www.worbli.io

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EOSreel verification process

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