[Exclusive Sneak Peak] Previews of the Brand New Everipedia User Interface

[Exclusive Sneak Peak] Previews of the Brand New Everipedia User Interface

Written by Everipedia Team

Earlier in January, we announced that we have been working on building a brand new user interface for Everipedia.org; our goal is to have it ready by Q2 of 2019.

Having said that, we wanted to give you a sneak peak of what is in development right now.

(Disclaimer: All of these designs are still a work in progress, the final versions will be even better.)

Explore Your Curiosity — New Homepage


At Everipedia, we believe that every reader, editor, and voter should have a unique experience… one that is based on personal interests and user activity. The number of topics on which Everipedia can provide information is nearly limitless, and we want to make sure that we can connect you to the topics you care about most, even if they are very niche in nature.

On the new homepage, one will be able to view featured articles based on personal preference, trending articles, recently created and edited articles and other popular pages. An editor leaderboard will be highlighting Everipedia’s top contributors daily, weekly, monthly and of all-time.

Additionally, the new homepage will have a breaking news section displaying the latest wikis for current events happening around the world in real-time.


Recent Activity

When it comes to contributing to Everipedia, a lot of people talk about content creation and editing pages. However, one of the core components that often gets overlooked is voting.

In order to encourage IQ token holders to vote, we have designed a new Recent Activity feed that aims to incentivize people to read through the proposed edits and vote.

  1. One will be able to view the vote count on the Recent Activity itself, as opposed to clicking on each individual edit.

  2. There will be three separate tabs: recent edits, edits with voting time period expiring soon, and edits where the voting period has closed.

  3. If it is not a newly created page, the editor will have the opportunity to comment on what they edited.

  4. Users will also be able to see how much of an article that was edited without having to click on it (Both the percentage and number of sentences changed). This will help users identify if the edit was merely someone fixing a grammatical error or if the person actually changed a substantial portion of the article.


New Article Design

As hinted above, we will be making some tweaks to the article’s display. Here is an overview of what the top of an Everipedia page will look like.


Interactive & Rich Media Features

One of the problems that traditional online encyclopedias face is the lack of interactions. The typical perception people have of encyclopedias is that they are one-dimensional, kind of like the textbooks we used in school. You read the information and do not interact with it at all.

Everipedia wants to change the perception of what an online encyclopedia is and what it can be. Our goal with our new interface is to encourage our viewers and editors to engage with the content… both on the page itself and with other editors.

Our new UX design team are implementing features that incorporate more rich media content and interactive elements into articles. This will allow people to easily add custom photos, GIFs, videos, documents and other types of media into articles. We’re taking it even further by also allowing you to directly insert things like YouTube videos, Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, and similar elements directly into the article.

The data is going to have a different look and feel, too, as seen below.


Reminder: All of the above ideas are still a work in progress and nothing in the above images is final.

Stockholm Team Growing

At the start of this year, we announced that we began expanding our team in South Korea and China. We are now happy to announce the latest addition to our European team: Roberto Dobrescu.


Roberto will play an important role in expanding Everipedia into new European markets where he will be helping Everipedia’s executives solidify partnerships in the region. If you are interested in visiting our Stockholm office, send him a message on Telegram. He is eager to learn more about your business and how we can create synergies that would improve our democratization of knowledge.

Everipedia featured in Engadget

Engadget published a piece last week entitled, “Blockchain Wikipedia is a dish best served cold.” In the article, Zachary Schwartz points out some of the similarities of Everipedia’s Mahbod Moghadam (CCO) and Larry Sanger(CIO). Both had started incredibly successful knowledge projects in the past and are now seeing Everipedia as their improved extension of their original vision.

Two sides of the same colorful story; a great read.

Reminder: Everipedia Referendum

Last month, we announced that Everipedia is having its first referendum where the community will decide whether it should implement the Everipedia 2.0 smart contract.

If you are an IQ token holder and have not voted already, you can do so by doing the following:

  1. Login to Everipedia using the Scatter desktop app.

  2. If you haven’t already, stake IQ for BrainPower.

  3. Visit this link.

The Cybercode Twins demonstrated how to vote in referendum. Watch the video down below to see the steps in action.

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