EOSreel Promotion!

EOSreel Promotion!

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BURST Mining has just begun!

You can mine 20% more ER!!

EOSreel’s the first promotion-BURST Mining has just begun. All EOSreel users are eligible to participate in this promotion just by placing bets with EOSreel’s high quality slot machine-Red diamond. This promotion will last until 20,000,000 ER under promotion are mined.

Details of EOSreel Promo are as follows:

Event duration

From February 23th until 20,000,000 ER are mined as BURST Mining rewards.

How to burst ER

This promotion increases the efficiency of mining by 20%. In order to increase the efficiency of mining, users need to mine.

You get 20% mining rewards per spin.


2 EOS : 80 ER
 1 EOS : 40 ER
0.5 EOS : 20 ER
0.1 EOS : 4 ER


: 20,000,000 ER

BURST Mining will end during the first mining stage, so the calculation will be simple:

[Wager] 2 EOS : 400ER(mining) + 80ER(BURST) = 480ER

During the BURST Mining event, EOSreel pleases miners by giving 20% more mining rewards!

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Mobile EOSreel is live!

Mobile EOSreel is live!

EOSreel Progressive JACKPOT is now on!

EOSreel Progressive JACKPOT is now on!