Mobile EOSreel is live!

Mobile EOSreel is live!

(update) Mobile version of Red Diamond

The mobile version of EOSreel is finally ready for spins. We tried to implement clean, comfortable UI of EOSreel and great graphics and casino-like sound of Red Diamond on the mobile.

You can enjoy reels wherever you are!!


Nothing is very different than web version, but with portable devices :)


You can always check your current balance and stake status of your account.


You can set the ‘AUTO’ on the mobile version too.


We are trying to have EOSreel operate with all EOS wallet services, but currently you can play it on TokenPocket.

You can join our community channel to get updated with EOSreel’s newest news and promotions :)

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EOSreel, the fine and fair.

dGoods Tech Spec Release

dGoods Tech Spec Release

EOSreel Promotion!

EOSreel Promotion!