The EOS DAO , Progress On-Chain

The EOS DAO , Progress On-Chain

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The evolution of the EOS Alliance.

EOS New York & part of the eosDAC core team (as Dacoco) have partnered to lead an exciting evolution of the EOS Alliance into a decentralized autonomous non-profit organization run entirely on the EOS blockchain. The first of its kind.

First, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Thomas Cox for his time at the EOS Alliance and for the many successes during his tenure as interim Executive Director. We wish him luck as he transitions out of the EOS Alliance and into his work at StrongBlock. You can read his farewell statement here.

The EOS blockchain is the most-used and robust blockchain operating system for decentralized applications on Earth. Each day, obstacles are conquered, benchmarks are broken, and new tools are created to make it ever-easier to build dApps that disintermediate traditional industries or create entirely new ones. Everyone who builds on EOS is a participant in this powerful transformation.

The EOS Alliance is the next type of organization to experience this transformation.

Providing Information, Code, & Capital

The goal of the partnership between EOS New York, Dacoco, and the EOS Alliance is to create a token-holder directed and managed DAO run entirely by smart contracts, transparent permissions and account structures. Its current working title is the EOS DAO.

The goal of the EOS DAO will be to connect EOS token-holders, developers, and block producers, present and future, with the information, code, and capital needed for success. This potentially means funding open-source software projects, providing infrastructure directly to the EOS blockchain, or maintaining a trusted and up-to-date git repo of the EOS codebase. Currently, the EOS DAO will focus entirely on the EOS blockchain. This organization will have no power nor authority over the EOS blockchain beyond any EOS tokens that it will ever hold.

Ongoing Alliance Operations

The EOS Alliance has been committed to coordinating the community, forming Work Groups, and facilitating discussion across many topics that are important to the EOS blockchain stakeholders. They will continue to do so while this transition on-chain occurs. To learn more about ongoing EOS Alliance operations please their announcement regarding this transition.

Independent and Separate

EOS New York and Dacoco are independent and separate from each other and from the EOS Alliance organization. Both teams are neither assuming official roles nor management responsibilities within the organization as part of this project. Both teams anticipate stepping back from the organization following the conclusion of all tasks associated with this project, after which we expect to engage with the EOS DAO alongside our fellow community members. We are announcing this partnership for the purposes of awareness and transparency, and also to align expectations around what is likely to be a complex and lengthy project — the current estimation is approximately 6 months, but subject to change as development progresses. During this time, we may not necessarily provide frequent updates, but the Alliance will continue to update the community about their ongoing work. We look forward to sharing more about the EOS DAO and structure before it launches, and will be soliciting feedback from the community throughout the design and development process.

Contributing to an Industry

Fraud, waste, and corruption are always potential pitfalls amidst non-profit activities. One does not need to look far to find head-scratching cases of hundreds of millions of dollars spent with very little to show for it. One of the most exciting aspects of the EOS DAO project is to design a proof of concept that showcases how a non-profit organization can be built transparently on the blockchain in order to provide unparalleled transparency, effectiveness, and trustlessness.


We are very excited to be a part of this project because this is work that matters to EOS. The EOS Alliance organization has shown great courage by choosing to “walk the walk” and transition entirely on-chain. In our opinion, there is no better way to act for the betterment of the EOS blockchain than to allow it to become an inextricable part of one’s organization.

Join the EOS Alliance telegram to keep up with all of the action: link.

Let’s see how far we can all go together,

— Dacoco (of eosDAC), EOS Alliance, & EOS New York


EOS New York is a Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Mainnet

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