Introducing Dice Weekly and Twitch Streaming

Introducing Dice Weekly and Twitch Streaming

Written by DICE team

In this article, we'll formally introduce Claire, the star and producer of "Dice Weekly" (formerly known as "Dice Everyday") and Alex, who will be streaming our games live on Twitch!

Dice Weekly

Many of you already know Claire from the pilot episode of her video series, "Dice Weekly"! This was originally known as "Dice Everyday", but the name was updated due to community feedback. Claire will be creating fun yet informative videos about the Dice platform every week, which will be shared on her YouTube channel.

We'll also be uploading her videos to our YouTube channel.

Claire's passion and energy are a great addition to the Dice team! 

For anyone who missed it, here is her first episode:

Twitch Streaming

Alex will be streaming our games live via twitch! We encourage you to follow his twitch channel.

Alex is a experienced poker player. He first started playing poker at age 7! He will do a scheduled streaming starting next week. We'll announce his schedule once available. He will also do a monthly challenge: every month he starts to play with a set amount of EOS (like 50 EOS) and will see if he can win a certain amount (like 1000 EOS) before the end of the month. If he gains 1000 EOS profit, he may donate some EOS to the audience! We will also try to make a small documentary to record this challenge. It will be a great method to promote and marketing our platform!

A bit about Alex from his description: 

"As a super otaku, I enjoy playing online games. I accidentally found Dice and soon found that I can gain free crypto tokens by playing on Dice platform. I think it will be really groovy if we can all play together. So I decided to share this platform and my pleasant gaming time with you guys. I am also planning to be a part-time streamer on Twitch. You will find me bluffing, joking, dancing and singing around! :)"

This partnership with Alex is one of our first steps in marketing and promoting our platform.

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