Patreos - EOS Decentralized Content Funding

Patreos - EOS Decentralized Content Funding

Video and words by EOS Nation Team

Published on Mar 13, 2019

Patreos is a content platform built on the EOS blockchain. Supporting content through Patreos create no transaction fees for supporter contribution, censorship resistance and a great experience for supporters and creators!

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EOS Nation's mission is to add value to the EOS ecosystem by focusing on education and community engagement. EOS Nation is one of the most active block producer candidates and has been able to secure an online presence and contribute to many EOS newsgroups and DApps. For more information on their contributions, see the following article:

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EOS EVENT ALERT: SVK Crypto Event on March 26th in London

EOS EVENT ALERT: SVK Crypto Event on March 26th in London

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