Everything EOS #51 1/2

Everything EOS #51 1/2

Video and words by Everything EOS Team

All Aboard the EOS Train! More Projects Coming to EOSIO Everyday!

Published on Mar 1, 2019

Everything EOS is the longest running EOS podcast. Zack Gall and Rob Finch go in-depth on EOS dapp news, EOS VC announcements, dapp funding announcements, EOSIO upgrades, EOS mainnet news, EOS side chain news, and so much more. ***

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Timestamps / Links Mentioned in Video:

1:00 - EOS Name Service Updates https://www.eosnameservice.io/?ref=ee...

3:00 - Games.EOS, Blacklisting, and Huobi https://twitter.com/huobiglobal/statu...

6:30 - Tapatalk Bringing 300 million Users to EOS https://www.prnewswire.com/news-relea... https://jungle.bloks.io/account/tapat...

10:00 - Top NEO Project (Effect.AI) Coming to EOS https://thebitcoinnews.com/effect-ai-...

17:00 - Effect.AI and Civic Partnership for Identity https://medium.com/effect-ai/effect-a...

18:00 - Tapatalk / TapX being Advised by Vinny Lingham (CEO, Civic) https://www.tapx.io/

20:00 - Effect Force is mTurk on EOS https://unhashed.com/cryptocurrency-n... 25:00 - Project Invitation to EOS

26:00 - Kyber Network Announced EOS to ETH two way bridge (Waterloo) https://blog.kyber.network/waterloo-a...

First Jackpot! BUT Wrong Wager

First Jackpot! BUT Wrong Wager

PixEOS Changes Staking Model to More Focus on Long-Term Project Development

PixEOS Changes Staking Model to More Focus on Long-Term Project Development