EMT has dropped!

EMT has dropped!

Written by Emanate Team

Over 300,000 EOS accounts now hold the EMT token. Things are getting exciting!

FIRST, if you see EMT in your wallet, head to our Alpha Intro to ‘claim’ the 10 EMT (otherwise we will take it back), you can also get shortlisted for an Alpha Emanate Account which will come with 200 EMT. This will stay locked to keep you listening to music for all of 2019.

Many thanks to our major Alpha Launch Sponsors: GenerEOSMoran Services and EOSBlocksmith, and all of the other partners listed below. A very special thanks to Nathan, Michael and AirdropsDAC for their help getting these out to the right people.

So, you hold EMT…

What else do you need to know?

  • EMT is required to be staked by artists for full Emanate platform feature access

  • 200 EMT will give you full listening access for 2019

  • EMT is fixed supply, with 208,000,000 only

  • EMT will eventually earn rewards if you are active on the platform

  • You can manage your EMT and buy more on our dashboard

EMT will stay locked until we get closer to Alpha launch, currently scheduled for early May.

We have signed deals with four exchanges so far, these will be announced soon. We in discussion with many more.

If you’re new to Emanate, get to know us by joining our Discord and check out a few of the items below:

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Some of our top artists

Some of our top artists

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