Gaming with ITAM #01 — The Onion Knights

Gaming with ITAM #01 — The Onion Knights

Written by ITAM Games Team

A cannon shooting defense game


Welcome all to the first ‘Gaming with ITAM’ by ITAM Games! My name is Eon Ha, the community manager at ITAM Games, and I will be in charge of composing this Gaming with ITAM series. If you’re in the ITAM Games Telegram group, or have seen a couple of the interviews we have on YouTube, you’ve probably seen me before :).

With the launch of the beta version of ITAM Store quickly approaching (March 28th 2019), we are happy to announce one of the few games that will be released alongside ITAM Store next week (*woot woot)! The game that’ll be kicking off the long list of upcoming games is “The Onion Knights.”



“In the age of the Great Binge, the Broccoli, Potato, and Ginger have all fallen to the enemy empire of Curry and now only the Onion Kingdom is left. But just as curry cannot be complete without onions, the Curry Empire keeps attacking the Onion Kingdom. To guard their kingdom, their greatest army has been sent into battle — The Onion Knights.”

Right off the bat, the story of ‘The Onion Knights’ is very unique and has a slight quirky side to it. Types of vegetables are personified as warriors, and entire civilizations are embodied into a meal (e.g. the Broccolis, the Curry Empire). Despite its overall unusual theme, the game itself is actually pretty conventional; you play as knights and warriors, using cannons and other means of attacking to defeat the oncoming rush of enemies. The game is of shooting defense genre, and consists of various modes and additional features.


Key Features

When you first start the game, like with majority of other games, you may be overwhelmed by all the options presented to you (e.g. items, skills, heroes, etc.). Don’t fret! I can assure you it’s not as complicated as it may seem. Once you start the tutorial, you will begin to realize what the gist of the game is, and what you need to do. It’s pretty self-explanatory and you’ll get accustomed to the controls fairly easily.

During the first few stages, the game is very easy. Not much effort is needed in the first few levels. However, once more and more different types of enemies start raiding, the game gradually gets more difficult. But it also concurrently gets more fun too! (I personally felt it started to get challenging around Level 5 on Story Mode.)

As briefly mentioned above, ‘The Onion Knights’ has many different modes and missions, numerous items, limitless upgrade possibilities, as well as multitudes of characters and heroes to collect. Now, these items and characters will not be on-chain in this game. Because ‘The Onion Knights’ will be released on the beta version of ITAM Store, which will not have the ITAM DADEX or NFT Tokens, this game won’t offer trading of in-game assets.


You may be wondering, then what will be going on the blockchain?

To answer this question, I’ll have to explain the two modes of the game: ‘Story Mode’ and ‘Extreme Mode.’

In the Story Mode, you play the game in sequential levels; from Level 1 to Level N, you play and build your inventory and skills. After you acquire and build up your items/characters and skills on Story Mode and feel that you are ready to move onto Extreme Mode, you can move onto this mode and this is where blockchain comes into play. On Extreme Mode, high scores and achievements will be recorded, and there will also be a leaderboard where top players will be rewarded. This is where “Play-to-Earn” kicks in for “The Onion Knights.”

In other words, you play and build your inventory of weapons, characters, and other items on ‘Story Mode,’ and when you feel you are strong enough to take a shot at Extreme Mode, you can take on the challenge of Extreme Mode and test your skills, where accomplishments will be recorded on blockchain and top leaders will be rewarded. (If you have not sufficiently built your experience on Story Mode, you will have great difficulty passing even the beginning stages of Extreme Mode).



This may all be confusing and hard to grasp now, but that’s exactly why we are taking this slow, step-by-step, and not incorporating every features at ITAM Store’s initial launch. We will gradually implement more and more features (e.g. digital asset transactions and other forms of earning) as time passes and as we learn and respond to the market reaction.I firmly believe as the ITAM Store grows and evolves, so too will ITAM Games, the EOS ecosystem, and blockchain in general. Oh, and let’s not forget there will be infinitely more ways for players to earn real rewards. :D Til this day comes (and beyond), we at ITAM Games will put in the utmost efforts to continually improve ITAM Store, and we will continue to introduce the new games that join the Store here.

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