EOSPayout: a Platform to Track Your Dividend-Paying dApps

EOSPayout: a Platform to Track Your Dividend-Paying dApps

This post is written by the EOSPayout Team

What is EOSPayout

EOSPayout is a project that helps its users to keep track of all of the dividend-paying EOS dapps. It also provides a platform where you can claim all of your dividends in one place, stake all of your tokens and get performance and analytics metrics for the project. You can check it out here

I love to keep track of my investments/airdrops and I started off creating spreadsheets.  The more dapps starting to adopt the staking mechanism the more tedious it was to track. It is my pleasure to be able to release a BETA version of the a tool I have been working on to automate all this. You can start tracking payments from your staked tokens today by setting up the tracking on https://www.eospayout.com.

New projects

Several projects have been added to the platform and more are in the pipeline. We have added support for:

  • Boid

  • Karma

  • Seed

  • Patreos

  • BetHash

  • Big Game

  • PokerKing

  • EosJacks

Browsing page

We have heard you wishes for having project data without having to login. We have added a browse section where you can find all tokens supported and find stats on them. To see live please visist https://www.eospayout.com/app/?module=projects 

Project listing


A detailed page for each project


pixEOS Avatars

If you have a pixEOS avatar you will feel right at home when logged in. If you don’t already have one you go ahead and create it at https://avatar.pixeos.art/



One stop shop for staking and claiming your tokens. You no longer need to go to each projects website to claim and stake. You can now claim your tokens and with one button click stake all non staked tokens.


Mobile Adaptation

This is work in progress but the the design has been cleaned up to better fit mobile devices. It has also been added to TokenPocket Discover section. You can fint it in other mobile wallets like meet.one as well by searching for https://www.eospayout.com



Autologin into your portfolio when you enter the site either from a mobile wallet or already logged in via Scatter.

Social media

We have a lot more features planned so please follow and engage in our Telegram and Twitter to stay up to date with whats happening.

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KARMA Releases Update: Version 1.5

KARMA Releases Update: Version 1.5

EOS about to lead next BULLRUN?

EOS about to lead next BULLRUN?