Announcing Onessus

Announcing Onessus

Using EOS To Solve ECommerce Fraud & Bring Customizable Smart Contracts To The Layman.

We are proud to announce Onessus Blockchain Systems LLC, as well as our flagship dapp, the economic engine and our cryptocurrency VOID. This is a company we have been working on for almost 2 years creating 5+ unique dapp concepts, which will be built on top of our engine. Every dapp we build will be on eos, and all will use the Onessus Void Token. We have many exciting announcements for the future, and hope to build great things with the help of the eos community! Without further adeu.. The Onessus’ Economic Engine.

What are we solving?

We are the first blockchain company to make our primary focus to solve the issue of eCommerce fraud at its core. This is currently a $200B problem and growing annually with no solutions. While this is our main focus, we also want to revolutionize the accessibility of smart contracts and create a practical model for the layman to create smart contracts for their business, dapp, or transacting needs. We see the future of smart contract technology as something anybody can fully leverage, and not just developers. Check out the blog post we made below, on eCommerce fraud to get more context on the issue and how we are solving it!

ECommerce Fraud & The Economic Engine

What is an economic engine?

We coined this project the economic engine as we are essentially building a platform that contains virtually every element that makes up an economy all within a single system. Effectively an all in one transactionally secure distributed economy made possible with eos, with what we argue to be the most potential use cases of any dapp in the world.

Users will be able to browse the economic engine using scatter, or preferred wallet, through the web app. We plan to create a mobile and PC app in the future as well.

For more information on the project, check out the content below!

Explainer Video

Consumer Demo

Business Demo



What are we doing differently?

1. As stated earlier we are the first blockchain company to make our primary focus solving the epidemic of eCommerce fraud.

2. We are the inventors and first company to introduce the idea of an economic engine.

3. Providing the ability for the average joe to leverage customizable smart contract capabilities. Anybody will be able to easily create their own DAOs, or any type of smart transaction and collectively set their own rules with 0 blockchain knowledge.

4. Our engine will feature the first P2P escrow platform, or “uber” for escrow services. This platform is a core element for the engine’s transactional consensus model, and will open up an abundant number of opportunities to businesses and individuals.

Who is making this project a reality?

We’ve been taking our time to bring together the perfect group of individuals to make this project a reality. Our team has worked on projects such as BitShares, Eva, DeltaDex, eDNA, and more! If you’re interested in learning more about the Onessus team visit our website @

How do we get VOID?

Easy, on March 14, 2019, we will be airdropping 15% of the total supply of VOID to EOS holders. Specifically those holding 100+ EOS based on a snapshot from Oct. 10. Everybody will receive an equal portion regardless of the amount of EOS you hold as long as you meet the minimum airdrop requirement.

For those that do not meet the requirements for our airdrop, have no fear. We will be releasing VOID on an exchange directly after the airdrop.

As a gift to the first believers in our project we have deployed a staking dapp that will hold 40% of the total supply of VOID. For a limited time, VOID holders will be able to stake their tokens for a 2x or 3x return. This dapp will also go live directly after the airdrop. More info here.

Staking VOID

Additionally, starting today with the announcement, we are opening our door to a small number of investors to get in on the project at a very early stage. If you are interested, here are the details regarding this opportunity. Keep in mind this is first come first serve, and with a very low hard cap we expect this funding round to end quickly.

Hard Cap: 35000 EOS

Minimum Investment: 1000 EOS

Max # Of Early Investors: 35

Serious Inquiries Email:

We have already acquired funding for the development of the economic engine, this funding round will be used to begin development on our future VOID dapps as well as marketing!

For more information on VOID, check out our blog below and get a glimpse into our mindset when creating this token.

Token Creation Philosophy

Questions, Suggestions, Or Feedback!

Find us here!



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