Last Week at Cypherglass — Weekly Team Update — March 4th, 2019

Last Week at Cypherglass — Weekly Team Update — March 4th, 2019

Written by Cypherglass Team

Howdy to the wonderful EOS and Cypherglass supporters. It’s been another wacky up and down week for our team. For the first time since October we produced blocks, but unfortunately it was only for a few minutes. During the very short time we were up at number 20 we produced a few blocks, but then immediately dropped down to 24. Currently we are sitting at number 25.

Here’s what happened this week in the Cypherglass world…

  • We were able to get EOSIO 1.7.0-RC1 to compile, but were a little disappointed to find that despite the claim of more threading in the version, it is still using only one processor while doing a replay. So of the 4 core system we have it running on, 75% of CPU time is idle, even when NodeOS is at maximum load, just like previous versions.

  • 1.7.0-RC1 still hits a bug when replaying with state-history, so we will have to wait until B1 finds a fix before running it in production. James opened a bug here…

  • Applied security patches to all of our servers.

  • Grew the disks on both of our prod block producer nodes.

  • Upgraded all of our VMware servers to ESXi version 6.5U1.

Our gear is really champing at the bit to produce blocks, almost as if it can sense how close we are to the top 21.

Just the other day while we were walking past some of our servers in the datacenter, we paused and listened… The whirring of the hard drives seemed to be making an almost sentient sound… As if they were crying out to us… So we listened even more closely, and we’re almost certain we could hear them chanting… Blockkkkssssss, blockkkksssss, blockkkkssssss. Yes… we don’t like to talk about it, but the more we think about it the more we’re sure they were reaching out to us, and expressing their hunger.

Have a great week!

— The Cypherglass Team

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Partnership with IMEOS and More Wallet