PixWeekly #4: Get Your Fix For All Things pixEOS

PixWeekly #4: Get Your Fix For All Things pixEOS

Welcome to another PixWeekly where you get your fix for all things pixEOS. We are excited to release another jam-packed week of news for you!

My pixEOS Shop Now Open For Business


Shop: https://pixeos.threadless.com/

pixEOS has partnered with a print-on-demand online store, Threadless.com. You can now buy merch from pixEOS Featured Artists on your favorite stuff like t-shirts, mugs, etc. Each artist has their own shop and they ship to most countries in the world, so check it out now. Later on, integration will be made possible with crypto payments (no official date released).

@eos_pix Twitter Reaches 1016 Followers


The official Twitter account of pixEOS, @eos_pix has now reached over 1016 followers, which is no small accomplishment! If you don't yet follow us on Twitter, do so today.

Stellabelle, pixEOS Head of Awesome Content on SVK Crypto Podcast


Podcast: https://player.fm/series/15-minutes-of-crypto-fame-2363901/ep-326-women-in-blockchain-part-4-featuring-stella-belle-from-pixeos

Jess Houlgrave, co-founder of Codex Protocol and ShEOS interviewed Stellabelle about her journey into the crypto rabbit hole. Learn insights about her book, Un-Crap Your Life, https://www.amazon.com/Crap-Your-Life-Navigating-Situations-ebook/dp/B017PBLZPA/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=un-crap+your+life&qid=1551807697&s=books&sr=1-3background as a tech writer and interesting facts about the pixEOS project plus her past role as founder of a crypto artist collective called Slothicorn.

Creative Crypto Magazine Platform Spotlight: pixEOS



The Creative Crypto Magazine is one of the most interesting sites that highlights all the creative projects going in the cryptosphere. pixEOS is featured on their main site in the Platform Spotlight section and showcases many artworks done by the pixEOS team. If you've never visited Creative Crypto, now is a good time to check it out.


Cryptoartist Nanu Berks Now Working With pixEOS


Nanu Berks: https://www.forbes.com/sites/rebeccacampbell1/2018/11/19/crypto-and-art-come-together-to-raise-money-for-charity-at-washington-elite/

You may be familiar with the art of Nanu Berks as she is very active in the crypto and blockchain space. Nanu has painted large-scale murals, designed experiential art and you may have seen her glass art crypto wallets, too. Nanu Berks will be creating art experiences that merge the real world with interactive community pixEOS initiatives. Stay tuned for these!

Joe Chiappetta Now a pixEOS Featured Artist



You may have seen Joe's work out in the cryptosphere because he's a very prolific artist who has embraced the crypto world with open arms. He's now a Featured Artist and his designs are also available in the My pixEOS Shop, as well as on the pixEOS Paint game. We are very happy to welcome him to pixEOS!

Detroit Pitchfest 2019


photo credit: Anna Taylor on Twitter https://twitter.com/dallastechgirl?lang=en

pixEOS was a proud co-sponsor of this Detroit Pitchfest which took place on Feb. 28, 2019, so check out the video that shows the entire event:

EOS SF Dapps Showcase

EOS San Francisco held a live event on and did a demo of pixEOS Paint, and other notable EOS dApps. Check out the entire event here:

PixEOS Paint Game


Play pixEOS Paint: https://paint.pixeos.art/#/

Staking Rewards Change

Starting on the 28th of February, the staking system will be changed from 10 million daily pixEOS distribution to 5 million daily pixEOS. This will continue for the following 160 days, resulting in a total of 800 Million pixEOS tokens to be distributed to the pixEOS stakers. This change was done in order to direct more rewards to active participants in the future components of the pixEOS platform. Complete details here: https://trybe.one/staking-system-changes/

Heatmap Now Enabled

The heatmap is now enabled in the pixEOS Paint game, so check it out to see the underbelly of activity that was hidden before. Also, notice that the pixEOS Paint is now version"Basquiat". Each new version of the software is named after a famous artist.

The Bitkeep wallet has integrated the pixEOS Paint game so now you can play using it.

You can check out our volume, mining stage and total number of pixels painted directly in the paint game under the stats button. Also user and volume stats on dappradar: https://dappradar.com/eos/973/pixeos

Full pixEOS Paint tutorial here: http://pixeos.io/pdf/pixEOS%20Paint%20Tutorial.pdf

Also check out our tutorials playlist on YouTube and subscribe to stay updated: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwQ1ROPAvFKSq3nklPpha8qVmy-jMdE9v

Chaney of CPU Emergency Solves $750 Cipher With Clue in pixEOS Paint



There was a cipher clue hidden in the pixEOS Paint game, the last digit for a private key was contained in Marilyn Monroe's thought bubble, and Chaney Moore deciphered the message and won over 200 EOS! The message which was written in an unknown script was as follows:

Cookie #1

The squirrel does not sit upon one million nuts. Humans do. Once you taste the lambo, you'll never have enough. You scream, "More!" But more is the central illusion. You don't want more deep down. You want to be free from all which enslaves you.

Always Cookies,
Nibo Go

pixEOSrama Collaborative Canvas (Ongoing)

Calling all artists! pixEOSrama will be a giant collaborative canvas and you’re invited to participate! The canvas created by renowned artist Reinhard Schmid is 8000px by 4500px in size. pixEOS Featured Artists will kick off the canvas, submitting some of their art, and it will be finished by the community. Anyone is welcome to participate, even those who don’t consider themselves artists.

It’s easy to submit your art to this collaboration and you don’t have to be an artist in order to contribute; anyone can submit their art!

Our pixEOSrama collaborative painting is now open for art submissions. If you're just learning about pixEOSrama, check out the full guide that explains how to send us your art: https://steemit.com/pixeos/@pixeos/now-accepting-submissions-for-the-pixeosrama-canvas

TL;DR version: Send your .png images to pixeosrama@gmail.com. Deadline is March 15, 2019.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the happenings in pixEOS. To get a complete list of all new developments, join the pixEOS Ann channel in Telegram: https://t.me/pixEOS.io

Stay Awesome,

pixEOS Team

pixEOS Paint Game: https://paint.pixeos.art/#/
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E-mail: team@pixeos.io

What is EOSwriter?

What is EOSwriter?

Partnership with IMEOS and More Wallet

Partnership with IMEOS and More Wallet