Pass the Torch

We live in a world of social experiments where creating a “challenge” and tracking its viral-load is becoming more and more popular. Probably the most famous challenge to this day has been the “ice bucket challenge” which generated 2.4M tagged videos on Facebook alone.

Here’s a supercut of a bunch of famous people: tech C-level executives and media personalities performing the challenge:

There were other examples of challenges launched, some of them not so benevolent and, on contrary, outright evil, like the Tide Pod eating challenge (don’t even bother looking it up).

It was only a matter of time when a crypto community would have its own unique challenge. And now thanks to the EOS blockchain technology we have one and it’s called: The EOS Torch Challenge

What is EOS Torch Challenge

EOSTorch is a non-divisible blockchain token that has a supply of 1 token. Due to ultra-high transaction speed and zero transaction fees of the EOS Blockchain the “Torch” can be passed from one account to another with virtually zero investment of effort, time or money (some CPU is spent on each Tx).

Rumor has it that the Torch challenge was a brainchild of @RUDEMUDCRAB on Telegram and was executed by @danwatts.

In a lot of cases the torch is passed with some words of wisdom or a promo message hidden in the memo field (which can be added to any EOS tx). Here are some examples:

  • The bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lie.

  • In blockchain,we trust EOS Community

  • Send from TokenPocket with LOVE ❤️ & ✌️ PEACE

In its short life the Torch has been passed 65 times (at the time of writing of this article) and a lot of prominent people and project in the EOS community have participated in the challenge, such as WhaleEx, Meet.One, TokenPocket, Ashe Oro, Rob Finch, Pixeos and many others.

You can check the progress of the challenge and whose wallet it is currently sitting in by following one of these two links: or EOSq

How to Receive the Torch?

There is no rhyme or reason how the torch is passed from one account to another. You need to either sit back and wait and hope that someone who currently holds the torch in their possession remembers you. Or you can beg for it, like the folks at EOS Israel did in their tweet below:


We at theEOSwriter are hoping to get our hands on it some day to, so here goes:

Brendan Blumer - CEO, Founder - @ DC Blockchain Summit 2019

Brendan Blumer - CEO, Founder - @ DC Blockchain Summit 2019

The EOS Podcast #66 - MaxDapp

The EOS Podcast #66 - MaxDapp