The Riddle: Daniel Larimer, Brock Pierce, Crystal Rose and the baby...

The Riddle: Daniel Larimer, Brock Pierce, Crystal Rose and the baby...

On the 8th of March Daniel Larimer, Brock Pierce and Crystal Rose Pierce all appeared on Telegram to talk with the EOS community, apparently Dan left the clues to some kind of riddle.

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Larimer mentioned previously that June would be an important month for EOS and he confirmed it today:

“Brendan has assembled a world class team that is preparing to make big moves in June”.


The focus of his talk was mostly on the new social media dapp that will be built on EOS.IO, but he also mentioned IBC, general challenges with the regulators and the EOS Torch.

Apparently, there are many people working to bring exciting things to the ecosystem but Dan’s clues are free to interpretation. One thing is for sure. We are seeing more synergy between EOS.IO key people: Daniel Larimer, Brendan Blumer, Brock Pierce as well as Crystal Rose Pierce who came to the EOS Project Telegram group talking about the torch and the goddess of the dawn.

EOS, in Greek mythology, is the goddess of the dawn and all EOS.IO pre-releases were named “Dawn”. The attributes of EOS are a torch, symbol of light, either carried by her or for her by a companion.

Meme by @BlockchainZack - Zack Gall

Meme by @BlockchainZack - Zack Gall

The EOS TORCH is a new campaign which aims at raising awareness to the project as well as uniting the community in a funny way. After 66 passes the torch has been given to Brock Pierce who passed it today, (on International Woman’s Day), to his daughter Satoshe (sic) Aurora Pierce, who’s yet to be born.

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Pierce, the Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and co-founder of EOS Alliance,, Blockchain Capital, Tether, and Mastercoin (the first Initial Coin Offering) received the EOS Torch from eostokenpark account and passed it to a newly created account aurorapierce.

Satoshe Pierce already has an Everipedia profile although the name is only temporary. Will it be Aurora, Satoshe or maybe something else?

Crystal Rose Pierce announced:

“The goddess of the dawn will carry the torch into Women’s Int’l Day on 3/8”. This was in response to Larimer’s clues to the riddle so let’s have a look at what Brock Pierce, Daniel Larimer and Crystal Rose said on telegram today, maybe it’s somehow connected.

2019-03-08 23.09.58.jpg

Crystal Rose also created a new Telegram group where she announced that she’d like to see the EOS TORCH being passed to the women on this day. Even if her baby is still to be born and is expected in March, she already created the genesis block for babychain (aurorapierce) whatever that means.

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