YouTuber MaxDapp Joins EOSwriter Team: First Original Video Coming Up!

YouTuber MaxDapp Joins EOSwriter Team: First Original Video Coming Up!

EOSWriter, your source of curated and original EOS content, is happy to announce that a prominent YouTuber and video blogger, MaxDapp, has joined our team!

MaxDapp, who in real life goes by the name Maximillian, has been knighted into the EOSwriter ranks in a small private ceremony at the Blockchain Castle of EOS.


The team at EOSwriter believes that his ability to produce solid video content, passion for the industry and energy would be a perfect fit for our ambitious project. By partnering with MaxDapp EOSwriter has now expanded its content capabilities into producing high quality video format content.

About MaxDapp

Maximilian is a host of the YouTube channel Maxdapp. He is a massive cryptocurrency/blockchain enthusiast who speaks a lot about the EOS blockchain, reviews innovative dApps and interviews important people in the space. His channel contains close to 100 videos and reviews, majority of which are targeting various EOS-related topics. However, Max also talks about bitcoin, trading and various economic topics.

About EOSwriter

Our aim here at EOSwriter is to create a website for the EOS community which serves as a central hub for the highest quality EOS content.

We saw the need for a curated website which showcases only the best of what EOS has to offer. This coupled with original content covering the most interesting projects and events in the EOS ecosystem covers all the bases.

EOSwriter aims to ease the barrier of entry for people new to the EOS community while also catering for everyday experienced EOS users.

The Future

We envision EOSwriter becoming the go to source for high quality daily EOS content.

We are planning to introduce our own original video and audio content to compliment our written work. Whether you are looking for up to date news, in depth educational articles or the latest video/audio content EOSwriter has you covered.

We look forward to the evolution of EOSwriter and hope you will join us for the journey!

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