(EosApologistBot) The future of EOS governance.

(EosApologistBot) The future of EOS governance.

Video and words by EOS Apologist

Published on 7 Mar 2019

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(Read by EOS Apologist Bot) The future of EOS governance. As time marches on, many in the Eos community are beginning to reevaluate many of our early initial assumptions on what should be expected from the EOS blockchain. Particularly many EOS community members are reformulating their opinions what principles should take presidents overall others. And as the military saying goes, no plan survives first contact with the enemy. So in the same way the EOS blockchain will continue to adopt to new challenges, this video will be focused on the direction and possible future of EOS blockchain governance, And the potential path, we as a community may collectively take.

(Chinese Translation) EOS治理的未来。 随着时间的推移,Eos社区中的许多人开始重新评估我们对EOS区块链应该预期的许多早期初步假设。特别是许多EOS社区成员正在重新表达他们的意见,原则应该是总统其他人的原则。正如军方所说的那样,没有任何计划能够在与敌人的第一次接触中幸存下来。因此,EOS区块链将以同样的方式继续应对新挑战,本视频将重点关注EOS区块链治理的方向和可能的未来,以及作为社区可能共同采取的潜在路径。

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