Daniel Larimer and EOS New York on Government, Regulation and Mass Adoption

Daniel Larimer and EOS New York on Government, Regulation and Mass Adoption

Government talk has been one of the most fervent topics amongst members of the EOS community. After all, the country run on the blockchain like EOS is the most perfect example of what can be achieved with this kind of technology.

Daniel Larimer and Brendan Blumer of Block.one are well aware of its potential and they underline the benefits of the blockchain for the masses. From URI, which is the newest iteration of UBI by Dan Larimer, through inflation controlled by the consensus of all the token holders, to the governance guided by aligned incentives of all its network participants, the EOS blockchain is right now, the best example of what could be achieved if a country would by run in the same way as the flourishing EOS ecosystem.

What is wrong?

“If Americans are getting fatter, sicker, and suffering from record levels of mental disorder and lower fertility rates... what does that tell us about how trustworthy our government run medical and food systems are?” writes Larimer on Twitter.

The reports denouncing fallacies in the medical and food systems as well as in the education or justice are intensifying, and always more people start rising against corruption, wrong mechanism of misaligned interests, slowness and waste on bureaucracy.

“CDC and ama, fdc, usda, mandated vaccine. Medical licensing. Drug approval and rejection. School lunch mandates.” - Daniel Larimer

The government regulations seem to benefit big corporations, stifling competition and causing the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of few. The monopolies created this way effectively control what we eat, what is being injected into our veins or what information we get about the world.

“What you eat isn’t a personal choice when government regulators force bad standards on chicken, beef, eggs, milk, and subsidize some food and prevent consumers and producers from freely transacting.” - Daniel Larimer

Some may disagree this view and put the blame solely on individuals, but Larimer argues:

“If the government subsidizes bad food, and regulates good food options to death you have no real choice to eat healthy. Government doesn’t even allow labels of GMO crops.  Unless you grow it yourself it’s hard to avoid the poisons in our food supply chain.”- Daniel Larimer

“Fish swim in water. Government controls what chemicals are mixed in water. More fish are dead than before government control was in effect.  Government doesn’t acknowledge or have explanation for increased death.”

“Go ahead and try to buy fresh milk or get meat that isn’t irritated and bathed in chlorine.”

“Ask why these foods [from farmers] can’t be sold at supermarkets?  The reason why people don’t buy is because government doesn’t allow knowledge and regulates them to “free food zones”.

“I’m looking at it from perspective of someone who wants it but cannot easily find it because of regulators.” - Daniel Larimer

This post is a good example of how things work now:

“Through license and regulation government controls companies and limit consumer choice, but the companies get blamed when things go wrong and people call for more government regulation.  Most people have no idea how regulated every aspect of business is.”

“Big companies ask for this regulation to keep competition at bay. In this situation there is no difference between big companies and government. Any distinction exists only to pit parties against each other rather than address the problem.” - Daniel Larimer

But what’s the solution to this?

“Remove the power for government to regulate your competition out of business.” - Daniel Larimer

The general belief is that the regulations are being created with good intentions, but poorly designed regulations cause more harm than good. This is because they stifle innovation, growth, and job creation, waste limited resources, undermine sustainable development, inadvertently harm the people they are supposed to protect, and erode the public’s confidence in the government.

While many regulations had the benefit of providing more safety and quality to human citizens, regulatory actions often come at a cost that exceeds their benefits and sometimes actually are being counterproductive.

“Regulation can mandate "good" practices or it can mandate "bad" practices.  When "bad", the discerning consumer is harmed because "good" is illegal. Unregulated markets ensure the discerning consumer has the freedom to choose good. Don't assume regs "can do no harm". - Daniel Larimer

The recent spread of the blockchain technology has the potential to free people from unnecessary bureaucracy and corruption. Thanks to the distributed ledger transparency each action is verifiable and permanent, but…

“If cryptocurrency or tokenization is to be successful they must be thought of as products instead of investments. Mass adoption isn't in an investment, it's in utility, use, and consumption.” - EOS New York

No tax blockchain government is a very appealing idea that provides alternative government structure to what we have today and EOS has laid the foundations for it to happen. With the USA presidential elections on the way, we could see first presidential candidate doing an ICO, airdrop a token on all unique citizens and rise funds while advocating for ending many regulatory burdens.

Disclaimer. EOSwriter does not endorse any content or product on this page. While we aim at providing you with all the important information we could obtain, readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company and carry full responsibility for their decisions, nor this article can be considered as an investment advice.

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