EOSpayout Demo Portfolios

EOSpayout Demo Portfolios

Written by the EOSPayout team

I’m very excited about a new feature where users will be able to see real portfolio performance with token value (profit/loss) and staking rewards without having to own the tokens themselves. I want to state these portfolios are not investment advice and are not to be considered recommended investments. Like always invest carefully, do your own research before investing  and do not invest more than you can afford to loose.


I plan to use these portfolios and explain in details all the information you can get from having a portfolio. I will come back to this in the future once time has passed and the stats have been building up. One thing you will see right from the start is that some projects staking feature will send the tokens to a contract and they are no longer visible in your wallet or block explorer. In EOSpayout you will always see your token and their value no matter what staking mechanism the project uses.

Portfolio 1

The first portfolio has non gambling tokens invested. Initial investment for this portfolio:

  • Karma (10EOS)
    81,219.5123 KARMA (bought on Exchange 25th March)

  • HireVibes (10EOS)
    12,007.2115 HVT (bought on Exchange 25th March)

  • pixEOS(10EOS not listed so estimated value based on initial token sales)
    20,000 PIXEOS (donated by pixEOS team)

All tokens were initially staked March 26th 2019 and will be claimed and restaked daily. The performance of this portfolio can be tracked via this link

Coming soon

  • Parsl (10EOS)
    20000 SEED(donated by Parsl team)

Dashboard as of today (Fri March 29th)

Karma, HireVibes and pixEOS are all having daily rewards of their own tokens.

PIXEOS is having weekly payouts in EOS in addition to the daily payouts of their own token. PIXEOS is not yet listed so thats the reason it shows a low value in TOTAL payout.  If you look into the details page for the investment you can see the amount of PIXEOS received and this will change once there is a market price for the token.


I need to explain some figures that look discouraging in this picture when working with real data. Take for example the Investment value that show a loss at 12.54 EOS and that is not real loss value since PIXEOS is not yet listed there is no real market price and all the PIXEOS tokens are having 0 value shown in the investment.

Portfolio 2

The second portfolio will be a gambling token portfolio with the following tokens and were staked 27th March 2019(All but HASH that got staked 28th)

  • DICE (15EOS)
    50,000 DICE (donated by DICE team)

  • BetHash (15EOS)
    5,000 HASH  (donated by BetHash team)

  • Big Game (15EOS)
    8,000 BG (donated by BetHash team)

  • PokerKing (11.5EOS)
    200,000 KING (donated by PokerKing team)

  • EOSBet (15EOS)
    1,000 BET (donated by EOSBet team)

Performance as Friday March 29th

I have chosen not to remove any data so it is totally transparent and reflecting account activity. This means there are some slight deviations the first few days that will disappear as times passes. BET token did have a first bigger payout with dividend for several days and is not a regular 24h profit. I missed the stake deadline for the HASH tokens for the first day so there is no dividend for March 28th and that is my mistake.


The same explanation in above screen since BET token is not yet listed it doesn’t have a market price yet so the Investment value loss displayed at 4.69EOS is actually a profit of 5.31EOS since BET is valued at 0 in investment value until listing.

Stevie the Claim/Stake machine

The claim and stake of the rewards from these two portfolios will be managed by Stevie. Stevie is a Raspberry Pi running some code to fully automate the claim/stake of tokens. All tokens requiring manual claim will be claimed daily at the same time thus having 24 hour interval.


I want to give credit to Danny at UXFyre for providing the initial code for this. I have built upon his code and enhanced it to include more projects and portfolio structure. Thanks Danny! There will be more information regarding this if someone is interested to automate their own claiming/Staking of tokens.

Donations from projects

Even though non of this is financial advise I value full transparency. The following projects have donated tokens to be invested in the portfolios:

  • pixEOS (20,000 PIXEOS)

  • Parsl (20,000 SEED)

  • DICE (50,000 DICE)

  • BetHash (500 HASH)

  • Big Game (8,000 BG)

  • PokerKing (200,000 KING)

  • EOSBet (1,000 BET)


The above content is provided for informational and educational purpose only. You should conduct your own independent research before relying on anything in this content. Nothing in this content should be considered to constitute any financial, investment or professional advice. To the greatest extent permitted at law we disclaim any and all liability arising from any person’s reliance upon any of the above content.

Disclaimer. EOSwriter does not endorse any content or product on this page. While we aim at providing you with all the important information we could obtain, readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company and carry full responsibility for their decisions, nor this article can be considered as an investment advice.

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